Best Live Double Ball Casinos in Canada

Live Double Ball Roulette

When Evolution launched Live Double Ball Roulette five years ago, it was a breakthrough on the gambling scene. And in this insightful post, my goal is to take a deeper look at this legendary roulette game, define its strong and weak points, and check out how to play. Get comfortable and have a look!

Top Live Double Ball Casinos 2022

Playamo Casino

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Bonus C$200

Bob Casino

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Bonus C$300

National Casino

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Bonus C$100

Game Overview

Live dealer Double Ball Roulette is much loved by gamblers, and the main reason why players opt for this game is that it features two balls instead of one. As a result, the winning chances are also doubled (if you opt for inside bets). Beyond this, the game also features adjusted payouts that are higher as compared to other roulette variations. The theoretical live Double Ball Roulette RTP is 97,30%, which is a surprisingly high result.

Provider Evolution Gaming
Type of a Casino Game Live casino
Min. bet C$1
Max. bet C$5,000
Max payout 1300:1
RTP 97,30%
Live chat yes
Suitable for PC, tablet, smartphone
Side bets no
Languages English, German, French, Spanish, and others

Game Interface

Excellent user interface and perfect streaming quality allow you to enjoy the gameplay to the full. The Live Double Ball Roulette casino game can also be played on mobile devices, and the quality remains the same. Plus, the interface is not cluttered with extra icons that don’t allow you to enjoy the game.


As compared to other roulette variations, real money Double Ball Roulette comes with a bit different rules. And the main distinctive feature is that this version uses two balls. You can win inside bets only if at least one ball lands on the chosen number. Outside bets win only when the ball lands in the chosen area. Beyond this, Live Double Ball Roulette Canada also features gold bets that enable gamblers to wager that the balls will land on any identical or selected number.

Double Ball Roulette Payouts and Odds

As the game features two balls, the payouts have also been adjusted. You should always check out the paytable and make sure you are no stranger to the odds and payouts. As your payout is contingent on the chosen bets, you need to make yourself familiar with them.

Inside bets

Bet Description Payout
Straight Up When you bet on only one number 17:1
Split When you wager on the line located between any two numbers 8:1
Street When you wager on three horizontal numbers in a row 5:1
Corner When you wager on the intersection of four numbers 3:5
Line When you bet on two adjoining numbers 2:1

Outside bets

Bet Description Payout
Selected Number When two balls land on one and the same number 1300:1
Any number When two balls land on any number bet 35:1
Column A bet, covering numbers from three vertical columns 8:1
1st Dozen A bet, covering numbers from 1 to 12 8:1
2nd Dozen A bet, covering numbers from 13 to 24 8:1
3rd Dozen A bet, covering numbers from 25 to 36 8:1
Odd A bet, covering all odd numbers 3:1
Even A bet, covering all even numbers 3:1
Red A bet, covering all red numbers 3:1
Black A bet, covering all black numbers 3:1
1-18 A bet, covering numbers from 1 to 18 3:1
19-36 A bet, covering numbers from 19 to 36 3:1
Red/Black When you wager on Red or Black 1:1

Called bets

When playing Double Ball Roulette online, you’ll also have a chance to make called bets. Their payouts are exactly the same as inside bets have. There’s a racetrack on the screen of your device. Just follow it to make called bets.

Pros and Cons

pros color Pros:

  • Fantastic streaming quality.
  • Live chat.
  • Two balls.
  • Better payouts for inside bets.
  • Fast-paced rounds

pros white Cons:

  • Lower payouts for outside bets.

How to Start Playing Live Double Ball Roulette?

Your top-priority task is to analyze the best Double Ball Roulette casino sites and opt for the one you like most of all. Then, you should create an online account and deposit funds. Now, you are ready to join the game. Once you do this, you should check out the paytable and place your bets. If you are lucky and your bet wins, you’ll get a reward.

Tips on How to Improve Your Winning Chances

When playing Double Ball Roulette Evolution gaming, you need to make the right decision to win the game. This is where betting on inside bets might be the right solution as these bets offer the best payouts. If you aren’t risky, you can opt for the Line bet; its payout is 2:1.

The main reason why gamblers prefer this roulette variation is an unusual twist. It’s a fast-paced game with a myriad of bet types that can meet the demands of the most exacting users.